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Speed Kart Shoes | SAN REMO KS-1 | black

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Speed Kart Shoes | SAN REMO KS-1 | black |

The SAN REMO KS-1 is our entry-level model in classic motorsport design. It combines many advantages for use in karting and motor sports (without FIA homologation).

• double velcro fastener for a firm fit

• Reinforcements at stressed points

• flexible, non-slip special sole

• optimally protected ankle

• low weight

• Material mix: suede, rubber

• with spare laces

• brand Speed-Racewear ®

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4 x ! SAMPLE Logo Druck Kartoverall einfarbig Muster!3 x @lhstyles / Sponsoring3 x @cars.crew.nrw CCN Racing Team / Sponsoring3 x Speed Premium Rucksack WÜRZBURG B-1 schwarz1 x Speed-Racewear Kappe schwarz | Applikationen Stick/Druck1 x Suco Schraube für Kupplungsbefestigung (8x30mm)1 x petrol pump Dellorto vacuum1 x TL-socket 1108-22 f.dr.-belt-wheel groove: 7mm1 x TL-socket 1210-22 f.dr.-belt-wheel groove: 7mm1 x Sparco Sturmhaube Kart schwarz - Gr.uni1 x Rebuild Rotax Max Kettenritzel 13 Z.1 x X-Seats Typ X6 unpadded transparent; size XS Mini1 x chain 219 102 links1 x chain 219 104 links1 x Throttle outer cable teflon inside 1m1 x Head outer cable for brake/clutch outer cable Ø 6mm1 x Feet support standard alu black1 x Throttle cable SOFT (Swedish rope) 1,25 mm x 2000 mm2 x ! Kartoverall selber gestalten ab 5 Stück Kostenloses Angebot anfordern2 x brake pad front MA20 brake1 x brake pad black hard for mech. and hydraulic brake1 x clamp with overhead screw for accelerator cable2 x outer cable for accelerator/brake rope1 x brake disk carrier | 25mm | black1 x brake disk carrier | 40mm | gold1 x brake disk carrier | 50mm | black1 x Alpinestars Bionic Schutzweste Gr.S-L (Brust 81 bis 104cm)1 x Alpinestars Nackenschutz Sequence | Kinder von ca.10-14 J.1 x brake caliper hydraulic 2-pod silver CIK/FIA1 x Spark plug Brisk DZ 10 IE1 x Alpinestars Kopfhaube KX v21 x Alpinestars Bionic Schutzweste 2022 Gr. XL-XXXL (Brust 105 bis 124cm)1 x Tank plastic 3,0 liter without accessories to screw1 x mounting paste for tires 3kg2 x Rep. Einsatz für Starter Motor passend für 06035621 x drive belt wheel 75t. | 30 mm axle | HTD+RPP1 x drive belt wheel 26t f. TL1108 | 8M30 | for HTD + RPP1 x feet support adjustable alu black2 x complete brake system MA20 CIK/FIA1 x spindel spacer 25mm/10mm1 x spindel spacer alu 17 x 24 x 10 mm1 x Achsschenkel links uni 17mm 10,5°1 x brake pad Matter CRG rental kart1 x brake pad red soft for mech. and hydraulic brake1 x brake pad black for Rimo Hyd-Brake 145 x 40 x 12 mm longlife1 x packing set compl. for petrol pump 18 L round (DF44-210)2 x Steering column M10, 510/75mm1 x rep.-set brake pump with reservoir f. 0501009 and 0501009-G1 x Mikuni petrol pump 35 L (DF52-82)1 x Speed steering wheel cover black1 x pedal extension +3,5cm Ø:14mm 0603527/281 x spring for pedal return 72 mm1 x fixing f. brake/acc. M6 36mm1 x rim 210 mm Standard1 x brake pad rear MA20 brake1 x exhaust holder complete with springs and fastening1 x rubber valve for rims TR412 | L:33mm1 x front hub 17mm | length 55mm | black1 x Spark plug NGK BR 9 EG2 x keys for axle 6 x 6 x 100 mm1 x keys for axle with 3 pins 7,5/4/30mm1 x drive belt 960 8M-30 CXP | for HTD drive belt wheel1 x Exhaust spring 10 x 70 mm swivel end1 x drive belt 1040 8M-30 CXP | for HTD drive belt wheel1 x steering tie rod alu 210 mm1 x adhesive number 4 yellow/black 160 x 70mm1 x Kupplung Druckplatte (DM) 160-270cc1 x Sprocket holder for 219 sprockets1 x Oelbadkupplung kpl.für 160cc/200cc1 x Xeramic white chain spray 500 ml1 x packing set compl. for petrol pump 35 L (DF52-82)1 x RK-chain 219 108 links | GB219KR1 x drive belt 880 8M-30 CXP | for HTD drive belt wheel1 x drive belt 800 8M-30 CXP | for HTD drive belt wheel1 x X-Seats Typ X6 unpadded transparent; size L2 x Neck Support oval | REGENSBURG NSO-1 | black/grey1 x rear hub 30 mm | length 62 mm | silver1 x rear hub 40 mm | length 115 mm | gold1 x rear hub 30 mm | length 62 mm | gold3 x Sparco Nackenschutz K-Ring1 x housing for axle bearing | Ø 80mm f. 40+50mm axle2 x chain 219 98 links1 x Balaclava black DORTMUND SH-1 | extra light quality | 145gsm1 x ! Aufkleber Speed-Racewear 10 cm lang1 x Sturmhaube OFFENBACH SH-1 schwarz,rot | 200 g/m² | schwere Qualität1 x Rebuild IAME X30 Motorritzel 12 Z.1 x chain 219 116 links1 x cc-solver caster adjustment 10mm1 x chain 219 100 links1 x Allen countersunk bolt M8 × 30 mm DIN 7991